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Russians shared their preferences in vodka

  • Thursday, 12 May 2016

Half a liter per month – that’s how much 60% vodka consumers drink on average

Mix Research, a research agency from St. Petersburg, Russia, conducted a survey to analyze preferences in alcohol consumption of Russians aged 18-65.*

About 40% Russians who consumed alcoholic drinks drank vodka. 15% of them drink it once a week or more frequently, about 40% - from one to several times a month and the rest drink less vodka even less often

When asked about the volume of consumption per month, about 60% of vodka drinkers answered that they use half a liter per month on average, while the rest drink more. The most used packaging of vodka bought by the respondents was a half-liter bottle.

The average spending for a bottle of vodka is around 400 roubles. Younger people (18-24 years old) prefer more expensive vodka brands, while the age group of 45-54-year-olds prefers the cheaper ones.

The leader of the brand awareness rating for vodka is “Stolichnaya”. Among some age groups its awareness rating reaches 100%. “Putinka”, “Pyat Ozer” (Five lakes), “Russkiy Standart” (Russian Standard) share the second place in popularity, with the third place of the rating occupied by “Zelenaya Marka” (Green Mark), “Nemiroff” and “Smirnov”. “Putinka” also has the highest level of spontaneous awareness, followed by “Belenkaya” (White) and “Zelenaya Marka”. The latter is has a commanding lead in the level of consumption among those who drink vodka 2-3 times a month or more frequently.

*Information was gathered during a telephone survey. Respondents – citizens of 52 Russian cities aged 18-64 who consumed alcoholic drinks during the last year. 1014 respondents participated in the survey, while 796 of them consumed alcoholic drinks last year. Survey timing: February-March 2016.

Author: Kristina Kongo, Qualitative Research Specialist, Mix Research

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