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Geomarketing is a comprehensive research aimed at evaluation of investment attractiveness of a location for construction/opening, such as:
  • Shopping centers, malls
  • Supermarkets, hypermarkets (food retail chains, DIY, furniture centers)
  • Fuel stations
  • Sport facilities
  • Car dealers
  • Business centers
  • Logistic terminals, warehouses
  • Horeca
  • Marketing evaluation of price and offer when selling a real property.
  • Marketing evaluation of formation of tenants’ pool.
Geomarketing research can meet the following challenges:
  • Evaluate attractiveness of a region/city/neighborhood in terms of prospects for chain expansion, entering a region, etc.
  • Evaluate transport situation in the city/neighborhood
  • Describe the current condition of the location of a future retail point/facility
  • Study and evaluate the competitive environment
  • Determine catch areas of the location, count the number of new object’s potential clients
Geomarketing research includes the following research methods:
  • Desk research (general information about the city, competitive situation, etc.)
  • Observation (estimate the location’s condition, traffic situation, transport accessibility, distances to and/or convenience of competitors’ locations, etc.)
  • Telephone survey (target group characteristics, etc.)
  • Description of choice and prices offered by key competitors

Mix Research has great experience in geomarketing research. Over 100 geomarketing projects on evaluation of locations for construction of hypermarkets were implemented during 2014 all over Russia.

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