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Online communities

Online (communities, chats)

Online communities are similar to online discussion boards where participants show their activity: complete assignments elaborated specially for projects, answer questions, share their opinions on certain issues, communicate with each other, comment on other participants' replies, agree/disagree, argue, etc.

Capabilities of this method:
  • a project may last from 2 to 6 days
  • from 6 to 40> people may take part in a project
  • remote access for participants, moderator and client
  • absence of geographical limits
  • each participant has a chance to express themselves
  • opportunity to view video, audio, photo materials, etc.
  • opportunity to complete assignments of personal and delicate topics in diary format (when other community participants have no access to it, only moderator can see it).
Online focus group

Online focus groups are held in format of a chat managed by a moderator according to a scenario confirmed in advance. The optimal number of respondents for an online focus group is 4-6 people, it is usually not more than 1,5 hours long.

The main advantages of qualitative online research are:
  • Absence of strict limitations regarding location and time of research: respondent can take part in projects at any time convenient for them, at home or office, on their way or on holidays.
  • Absence of geographical limitations (respondents from all over the world can take part in projects at the same time).
  • Speed of receiving results: analyst can work on report during the project because online studies do not require time for transcription.
  • Client can keep track of the study process and be pertly involved into it.
Online research is effective for solving the following problems:
  • Testing promo concepts;
  • Testing video and audio advertisements (both preliminary and final versions);
  • Testing websites and their functionality;
  • Evaluation of package design options;
  • Testing new products/services and revealing perspectives of its development and promotion to the market;
  • Testing variants of name, logo, slogan of a brand;
  • Analysis of target group representatives' needs;
  • Studying a brand's image;
  • Analysis of a brand's/product's perception;
  • Analysis of consumer and customer behavior.

Mix Research is oriented towards the quality of results achieved during research with application of this method. For this reason we conduct qualitative online research on our own all over Russia. We are ready to work with new clients, therefore we provide new clients with discounts. Please leave your request to receive more detailed information, our specialist will contact you shortly.

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