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Telephone interviews (CATI)

Telephone interviews are a method applied in quantitative market research. It implies a telephone survey with a questionnaire designed in advance.

Telephone surveys can be used for the following purposes: 
  • defining the levels of unaided and aided awareness;
  • description of consumers' preferences (purchase share, size and frequency of purchase);
  • analysis of brands' image;
  • description of consumers' socio-demographic profile.

Telephone interviews are conducted by our own call center which has 30 workstations at the moment.

The company uses the CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview) system. This is a computer system for telephone interviews which implies "paperless" survey technology (questions appear on the operators' screens).

The main advantages of the method:
  • efficiency;
  • economy (this method is more economical than other types of interviews);
  • quality (possibility of recording all talks and their further audition, permanent instruction of interviewers);
  • geographical coverage is unlimited;
  • representativeness - telephone numbers are generated at random and let us to receive statistically significant data representing the general population.
The main drawbacks of the method:
  • visual materials cannot be demonstrated;
  • each interview cannot last longer than 20-25 minutes;
  • impossibility of surveying narrow target groups.


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