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Qualutative research is such type of studies which enables researchers to receive profound and detailed information about a research object. The main difference between qualitative and quantitative research is that the data are collected from a comparatively small group of respondents and are not analyzed with statistical methods.

Qualitative methods are effective for the following purposes:
  • definition of the perspectives of development of a new product, product line, brand;
  • gaining information about characteristics of consumer behavior;
  • definition of factors of products' and/or services' choice;
  • testing ideas at hand, promotion and positioning concepts;
  • brand audit: brand image, name, logo, product;
  • testing package design;
  • testing advertisements and advertising concepts;
  • studying consumer motivation and needs;
  • studying the perspectives of rebranding;
  • estimation of advertising campaigns' effectiveness;
  • formulation of hypotheses for quantitative research and interpretation of its results.

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One of the focus areas of Mix Research is quality control. Membership of our company in the international association ESOMAR since 2009 is an evidence of that.

ESOMAR is one of the most well-known and respected research associations in the world. Membership in ESOMAR means maintenance of certain standards of research by the members and serves as a guarantee of high quality of research.