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Face-to-face interviews

There are several types of face-to-face interviews:
  • street interviews;
  • interviews in shops;
  • apartment interviews.

Street interviews/ interviews in shops

The main purpose of this method is design of questionnaires with simple and clear questions. The information our clients are interested in can be received quickly and with high quality as a result of research. Such research is often carried out near shops or inside shops in order to analyze customers' satisfaction. This type of research is popular and effective.

Advantages f2f:
  • possibility of interviewing more narrow target groups (visitors of certain shops);
  • there is an opportunity to demonstrate materials and samples visually;
  • personal contact with respondents, assessment of understanding of questions by respondents;
  • easy quality control.
Drawbacks f2f:
  • the interview length is limited to 10-15 minutes;
  • the method is not representative.

Apartment interviews

Apartment interviews will be more effective if it is necessary to conduct complicated and long interviews. This method is irreplaceable when it comes to studies of residents of a certain district because they refer to opinion of required group namely.


  • all advantages of street interviews remain;
  • a representative method;
  • an opportunity of conducting long, detailed interviews.


  • costs of research are higher than costs of street interviews/interviews in shops;
  • complicated quality control.

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