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Beer is one of the top three most popular alcoholic drinks in Russia.

  • Friday, 13 May 2016

Mix Research, a research agency from St. Petersburg, Russia, conducted a survey to analyze preferences of alcoholic drinks consumers in Russia. * It was found that three most popular drinks were sparkling wine, wine and beer.

41% of respondents drank beer at least once last year. This drink is most popular among people aged 25-34.

About 60% of beer consumers drink an average amount of 2 liters of beer per month. Beer packed in glass bottles was the most in demand; aluminum/tin cans were chosen by about a third of respondents. The rest of the beer drinkers prefer beer in plastic bottles or draught beer.

Russia, Czech Republic and Germany are the most popular countries of origin for beer. Half of the respondents choose Russian beer; Czech beer was chosen by about 20% of respondents, same as German beer.

The average expenditure for a bottle of beer is around 100 roubles per bottle. Younger people generally prefer more expensive beer brands, while older people choose the cheaper ones.

Baltika, Zhigulevskoye, Klinskoye are the most well-known brands among Russian consumers. The top three beer brands by consumption frequency are Bud, Zhigulevskoye and Velkopopovicky Kozel.

*Information was gathered during a telephone survey. Respondents – citizens of 52 Russian cities aged 18-64 who consumed alcoholic drinks during the last year. 1014 respondents participated in the survey, while 796 of them consumed alcoholic drinks last year. Survey timing: February-March 2016.

Author: Kristina Kongo, Qualitative Research Specialist, Mix Research

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